I am a 23 y/o graduate in a regular part-time job from London! This is just a random blog and honestly, it helps me escape from reality and obviously explains I have some sort of free time, so this blog is to share with everyone who wants to escape from reality from time to time! 

This blog has no particular theme I guess? But then it doesn't cover absolutely everything, however I believe being myself is always the way to go in both my life and this blog! So this blog would probably cover
Otaku Week
Inspiration and
Random or Doodle.

 A good number of themes... I know! But that doesn't stop me from blogging! Just be yourself guys! Just be yourself!

Just a little note: Otaku week also means Anime week where I write anime series reviews or anything anime related!

And also I don't have a consistent schedule just yet but will hopefully have one up for my readers to follow!

"Never Give Up!"

Happy Blogging!