From Distraction to Hesistation



Hi guys, long time no talk or see! I have been busy distracted with changes but I am also lazy! It has been a long 9 to 10 months! Haha! Although I have been updating on Instagram more regularly! :)

Photo was taken when I visited Cadbury's world last year!

Plus I have been thinking about this for a while and was wondering whether I should change this blog to my basic interests... the real reasons are

1. Because I have too much going on so it would be easier to simplify it all

2. I have major interests so I would like to just focus on them instead!

3. How should I bundle/categorise some of the things on my blog if I was to create a new concept for my blog? such as if my focus changes (considering I have no focus whatsoever right now)?

4. ALSO! This is important, my social media... I have Pinterest and tumblr BUT... I don't really use them, should I just delete them? I can recreate it when I need them.

Any ideas guys? I have no clue what I should do :(

I am actually a very asian girl so I am into skincare and K-pop and anime and manga but I also love shopping and make up... so I was thinking of bundling my general hauls and makeup areas into one area with focuses on skincare, k-pop, anime/manga plus drawings and food. But I'm not sure about this combination.

Although I don't plan to change my "Baby steps to Giant Strides" point of my blog! Unless any readers think otherwise?

Photo taken when I took a walk around my local area, if you would like a simple post of some scenery I took!

If anyone is interested in my trip to Cadbury's world or my walk around my local area, please comment below and I may be doing a short post on them!

Photos taken via camera Samsung NX3000

If anyone has any suggestions please comment ahead! Any ideas on changes or whatsoever would be good! Criticise and Inspire me!

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