Happy Birthday to me!


Getting older by the year?!

I am sorry guys! Cannot express how long it's been since I last posted! I am a very very lazy person plus busy at the same time, hence I didn't exactly have time to complete posts! 

Anyway, it was my birthday yesterdaaaay! But I didn't remember it until i received my friends present through post the day before! I was so confused with the package during the first 10 seconds and then I checked the date, and to my discovery it was my birthday! I didn't do anything though - shame. I just went out for lunch with family - was not a birthday meal but just a prior engagement, and then went to do some chinese food shopping and went home! What an amazing birthday! Haha!

And so I thought I'd do an Amateur Outfit Post! I literally mean.. I'm just an amateur when it comes to photography with fashion blogging.

This is what I wore out today! It's casual and comfy, you can just throw it on! My shoes were Underground creeper Laced Boots, I got them from TkMaxx for a stupidly cheap price and I can't find them on the TkMaxx website or the original Underground website either! So they must be unavailable now! Please correct me if I'm wrong! For something similar, any flat lace-up boots should do the job! A pair of Dr. Martens or fashion military lace-up boots that gives off the whole rough but edgy style.

My T-shirt was a hand me down from my auntie. Yes, I said my auntie. So it's a complete legend T-shirt. It's design is based on an American Baseball Buttoned V-neck Jersey T-shirt and the "old brand" tag on the back says "b.authentics". I cannot find such a brand, so I have no clue what brand it is or where it's from! I love this T-shirt, it is comfortable, pretty and original. You can wear such boxed baseball-design T-shirts with any bottoms! High-waisted, "Mom" jeans, shorts, you name and it should work. Not sure about pyjama bottoms though!

To complete this soft edgy look, my bottoms were leggings trousers! These and Jeggings are almost guaranteed to be comfortable when it comes to the material and, can be an alternative to wearing normal cotton/wool leggings without worries of exposure - thanks to the thickness of the material.

I bought these from TkMaxx and it had the brand tag "Ci Sono", they are a label by Cavalini, a fashion wholesaler from Los Angeles. However, because they are a wholesaler, you cannot buy their products like a standard customer. If you want a similar pair of leggings trousers, you will have to look carefully online from other fashion retailers because...

1. Many retailers do not name these type of leggings "leggings trousers" but just "leggings" or even other names.
2. and from this, certain styles (like the one I'm wearing) are similar in appearance to normal cotton leggings. 

The difference is in the "feel" and first-hand look of the material.

1. You could, maybe, anticipate the thickness of the leggings from the appearance of them online 
2. Or maybe compare the materials used that are usually listed alongside the product. 
3. Or, the important thing is the price of the leggings. With more materials used, theoretically, the product trouser leggings should be more expensive compared to normal cotton leggings.

Now... that is the end of my post with a selfie! I finally put my camera to some sort of use and hopefully I could update a little more often! Since I have a good number of things to talk about! That includes... an actual Birthday post! Didn't do and not going to do anything grand but will do one soon!

What did you think of my "Amateur Fashion Outfit post". I understand they're not the greatest photos though - you can leave that out the comments but give me suggestions instead. ;)

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