New Camera : Samsung NX3000


Should I get it? Or should I not?!

In the end I am a sucker when it comes to spending money... and SO! I have bought my new baby! The Samsung NX3000 for only £200 and it is complete magic compared to my iPhone 5! Of course I don't dislike my phone however whenever I look at my photos I can just feel my heart drop a little because I am just fussy over image quality. 

Other than the Camera Body plus 20-50mm lens kit, it comes with:
  1. Charger 
  2. USB Lead
  3. External Flash
  4. Strap and
  5. Battery

Unfortunately, you'll have to buy a memory card for it! It requires a microSD memory card (microSDHC and microSDXC are also compatible!) - so it's those tiny memory cards that's the size of your fingernail~ And they should usually come with an SD adapter! 

I bought a SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC memory card costing only £15! Altogether, it cost me £215! Woooooo~!

It's pretty isn't it? I have done a lot of research on cameras like from its size to price to its image quality and of course, how to use one. Almost all the best bloggers have a DSLR and yes DSLR's image quality are amazing and all but it's just too big, too good and too expensive for me to handle. I mean I just need a good image quality camera with DSLR features. Now that's me being picky! 

This Samsung camera is absolutely fabulous! It's quality is like on an entirely different level and I can practically take anything with it! I really recommend it, if you are a BEGINNER and want to...
  • Keep a camera for a while
  • Experiment with it
  • Later intentions are to change to different lenses (actual experimentation with photography) 

Honestly, there is no point investing into a camera because everyone else has one. And especially not when you are a beginner! I am a true beginner and definitely don't need a camera I can't fully use properly or experiment with!

Reasons why i bought this:

Other than research about a camera like ISO and stuff (If you want to know about these "technical" things, you could ask me below or you could request another post on it - I can explain it in a post with my beginner's thoughts, research and experience for you! haha), I bought the camera for several reasons of the same matter which is
"I want better quality! Photos that is."
This applies to my interests such as

  1. Travelling
  2. Food
  3. Blogging
  4. Can take selfies
  5. also not bulky like the DSLR - can take it out!
  6. Always good image quality - which is all I need!

The photos taken via iPhone5 aren't actually bad as you can see from the photos (including the first photo only as of below), but you'll gradually realise the difference it can make when taking quality photos! Plus, I didn't buy this camera for blogging mainly but it will make an impact! And as for the last two photos, it was taken from my new camera! Shooting mode and selfie mode! Of course, the last one had to be a selfie taken with my baby, Makoto (from the anime "Free!")~

Eek! Gone all make-up?! Ew - look at those scars, spots and eyebags - oh well, just I'm too lazy! lol :)

If you want more details about the camera and my experience with it, as an amateur blogger and photographer then feel free to ask questions below and I will answer as soon as possible! And notify you as soon as possible on your blog. You could also e-mail me :)

What camera do you guys use? Was it worth investing into your camera? Or are you just not picky, totally practical with money (which is a good thing I tell you) and prefer to use your phone? 

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  1. It's soooo worth it to have a good camera! Luckily I didn't have to buy one because I use my boyfriend's but I think it's a really good investment.

    { }

    1. Lucky!! This camera is actually more than magic so far! I am super happy with it, so one day if you feel like you ever need one yourself - don't hesitate! It'll be your very own baby! :)

      Nikki x

  2. Looks nice. I recently bought my Canon 700D and it was very expensive but worth every penny. It was definitely an investment so it's important to be passionate photographer to invest that kind of money. I don't think everyone needs one.

    1. Canon 700D! One of my dream babies! But I'm no expert when it comes to cameras so buying a DSLR wouldn't be an investment for me. Yes, I agree it's very important that it depends on your level of passion for photography to match how "pro" your camera is. Because it does cost a lot! Glad you are you happy with your new camera and of course, made a worthy investment!

      Nikki x

  3. Loveeee this camera!! It's so pretty!! And looks like it really works haha xx

    1. Yes it does work very well! I have been using it here and there for a few shots just to experiment with it and it's been absolutely beautiful! <3

  4. Nice camera :) excited to see your new posts using it

    1. Thanks! I am excited about it too!

      Nikki x

  5. Nice camera I've heard so much good things about.
    Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? If you follow my blog I'll follow you back as soon as I see it.
    Have a wonderful day,

    1. Thank you for commenting and yes, tt is a very very good camera, especially for an amateur photographer! :)


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