"Baby Steps to Giant Strides"


Intro to a personal new feature.

Being your average child and now a graduate, who is blessed with part time jobs provided by parents and relatives so that I still have some money to spend when I need it... I am theoretically, currently jobless! Of course, I graduated last summer 2014 and now summer 2015 is approaching! I do have the chance to move to HK (Hong Kong), but I only enjoy my holidays there and not my life there. See the difference? I much enjoy living in the UK. I mean it can be full of colours just like anywhere else!

What is "Baby steps to Giant Strides"?

So what is my "Baby steps to Giant Strides" all about. Answer is : Life after graduation and looking back into my past. It's not the whole "Oh My God, I've done this and that, and you totally need to check it out because my life is a masterpiece". No. It's following what a usual graduate does. Many others lead different lives after graduation and these events will be brought up as my life continues~ Of course, also to help pucker up the courage of other 'graduates-to-be'.

I decided to feature this because I think as those who are still studying and those who don't even know what they want to do, they could do with a bit of advice. 

My first piece of advice now is "Talk and Ask." Those with experience can definitely help you with things that have never come your way yet. I mean, there are still college students (before going to uni) out there who doesn't understand the difference between a BSc and BA and other classifications. There is nothing wrong with that. 
I believe sometimes, talking to parents or asking people face-to-face about some things related to your future is "hard" in reality. It's better if you speak to people online and so on. But then, there are issues of trust when it comes to "online discussions". You can trust me?!?!? Your choice!

My current issue is... I don't have that many followers and of course, am I popular enough to get Q&A - hmmmm.... not sure! But, I think currently, I have cousins, sisters and friends all stressing out about what to choose for education and I personally, feel like I don't like what I've studied compared to the many other subjects I could have chosen. So from my own perspective of 'regret or not', I can give my opinions on what I could have done and what I could do.

I would like to chat with those who are still choosing, to hopefully not regret with their decisions. Specifically those who are still studying or maybe have a little conversation with those in the same position as me! And of course, move on with my life hopefully with a job some time soon!

You can also just let out all your stressed or happy feelings on here! I'm not some genius, so just hearing you out when you're happy or sad- SURE! I've been told I'm a good listener!

NOW... ask away! I shall be waiting! *Sips away at tea waiting for questions and have no questions because I'm so unpopular* Lovely!

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  1. I'm gonna graduate from Highschool in 2 years and the teacher (plus my parents) are going crazy...They give me a lot of pressure about choosing the 'right' path. My parents want me to become a lawyer or something like that. But I got a totally different opinion. I want to do something which I truly love... Like making movies, acting or being a screenwriter. That's why I will choose my path and not the path my parents want me to take. But somehow I feel guilty....They helped me and supported me a lot. They want the best for me, but I feel like they don't accept my choice.
    I don't want to regret anything in my life, that's why I will chase after my dreams!
    Can you understand my situation?
    I think that you do, because you still regret a bit about your choice. But you can still change your life, if you want. Everyday we get a lot of opportunities and we should use them properly!
    If you want to change something, do that!

    1. Jenny! Yes I completely understand your situation! and my only words for you are "Choose the path that makes you happy". I myself, chose a path which didn't doesn't entirely make me happy but I thought I could choose something I could accept and also not feel guilty about my parents.

      My mum never pressured me but I could see in her eyes she wished for something because at the end of the day, our parents have been through so much hardships and have seen that these professions bring the best of the futures for us, their children.

      However, if you don't fight for it, you won't get the happiness you want. The happiness you want, is also the happiness your parents want. I'm sure if you stand your ground and explain as much as you could every time and eventually your achievements will show your parents, that you are happy with what you're doing. Then they will be happy for you. All they want, is for you to live a happy life.

      So I really do encourage every younger ones to do what they want now, and not later! YOLO - You only live once, you only live YOUNG once. Take on challenges when you're young, and you will never regret it.

      And please keep reading and hopefully, I have made good changes to my life ;)

      Nikki x

  2. Hi! Thanks for following me on bloglovin.
    This is my first time to visit your blog, and I like it a lot :)


    1. Hi Alice! No problem!! I really like your blog too! And especially on your about page where you said "I have put art to one side in the past. However this time I do not want to give it up anymore..." It is also something, that I wish I can take up again and never give it up again :) For no more regrets!

      Nikki x

    2. And Thank you! haha sorry, I completely forgot I needed to say this for some reason?

      Nikki x

  3. Being a graduate is definitely not easy. I'm struggling with the same sorts of decisions right now. Yes I might have a degree, but it doesn't mean I know what I'm doing next! Talking really helps though, you're right. And it can help you find new opportunities that you just do not find without asking.

    Celine Goodson @ RMS Recruitment

    1. Did not know I got a comment and it was 2 months ago as well!

      Thank you for the comment and of course, it is always the best to let out all the stress through talking! Or at least, typing it all online!

      Nikki x


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