It's Christmas 2014 : the only time I don't get enough sleep...


My christmas was fun, wonderful and hectic!! Honestly, I have not had so little sleep in the longest time just because it's christmas!

25th December

Joining my family and friends for some CHINESE HOTPOT for lunch! There was roughly around 25 of us so there was 3 big hotpots across like 3 to 5 tables... yes that is a pretty huge gathering but i'm sure there are bigger ones out there~

Of course, we could also grill some juicy meat on the plate as well! With my favourite tofu all in this meal, it is complete! *Hallelujah!*

Actually, that was not quite the end of my night...

After a good long chat and when my food had sort of digested... it was time for an after meal dessert and coffee!

I had five scoops of ice cream. With this, I have personally confirmed that I have two stomachs and the other one is especially designed for ice cream! Now back to reality... there was more than five flavours but I believe five different flavours is more than enough after a big meal. I had the coconut, chocolate, and honeycomb ice cream plus the mango and lemon sorbet. They were all delicious! My favourite had to be honeycomb and coconut. The special one had to be the lemon sorbet though. It is very sour and also sweet at the same time, unless you like sweet and sour things at the same time on a different level, then lemon sorbet is the way to go.

Alongside this, I had my coffee~ Made from a full stainless steel coffee press or, I believe it is also called a "French Press". Adding a bit of cream (never told me what cream) followed by a cube of brown sugar (always use brown sugar for coffee!), it's bittersweet taste was extremely refreshing! I had three cups and one was coffee with baileys. Never had this before so I thought I'd give it a try and it was very nice as long as you don't add too much in - 4 teaspoons is probably enough, but this is a just a guess for a non-heavy drinker like me.

I also received a nice present! Calvin Klein - Eternity Moment.

By this time, it reached around 7 to 8pm and we all gathered in groups, doing plenty of rubbish, having our chats, playing the kids presents/games. Once it reached 10pm... we decided to go for a second round of hotpot! Lovely! We were all full but the second round was a must! It's christmas afterall! But at this point there was less people since it was late and people went home, haha! Long chats were made and finally it reached 1am.. all knackered we decided to go home and didn't reach home until 2am!

Unfortunately, I had to wake up early for Bluewater boxing day shopping! Wonderful! Having only two and a half hours sleep... a follow up of my christmas break "Boxing day Shopping and Asian Fusion!"

Photos taken via iPhone 5

How did your Christmas day go? Did you have any further celebrations? Did you guys also stay up all night? 

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