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Fluffy, Basics and Comfortable 

Here's my first post on my outfit! Sorry for the 'not so good quality' photos! I ought to get a camera lol! But I never know which one to get! Because I'm picky! I chose an indoor setting at home not because it's too cold outside but because of lighting (night shooting) and I feel that you can wear these at home comfily too. And always ready to go out! Whether just down the road or to town. It's simple and stressless!

It's sunny at day and wet by night but just so chilly out there, you can't do without the fluffy jumper! I am in love and are now recommending these eyelash jumpers which are just so warm, comfortable and stylish that it is a must-have in your wardrobe! However different brands do different styles of eyelash jumpers. This one i bought from H&M on Boxing day (see my Boxing day-out and haul here!) and it is extremely fluffy. Some brands or styles of eyelash jumpers do not use as much material hence, less fluffy and you can tell when you see them. It's a knitted jumper, hence those that are less fluffy shows the pattern/holes of a knitted jumper.

Bottomed with a pair of comfortable denim jeggings from UniQLO, also from the haul I bought on Boxing day. Must say, jeggings from UniQLO are my absolute favourites. They never disappoint me and I'd wear them everyday if I could!

Last but not least, let me introduce you to my new pair of Nike Air Max 90 trainers from Office as a late christmas present and these are my new babies! And I only got them two days ago! I went out in these on the day, at first it was a little 'uncomfy' because I had to 'break' into them, but after like 15-30 minutes, they were the comfiest trainers to wear. As expected from trainers made by Nike (or am I being stupid because trainers are easy to break into either way? Please correct me if I'm wrong! lol!).

Today's outfit is all about being comfortable and basic without looking like you are the most boring person in the world. Honestly, basics are a must have  in everyone's wardrobe, since it's easy to match colours and style. However it is a little hard to put together because you can put everything together and either look like you're 'trying too hard' for no reason or just plain boring. But then basics are limited but not restricted and can be plain yet exciting. 

I wore the comfortable look two days ago and obviously want to show off my new babies! (I have too many shoes or trainers - a shoe addict, eh? lol) But because they are also seen as plain black or normal trainers,  you can improvise on this look by adding a pop of colour or colourful accessory to the outfit.

Photos taken via iPhone 5 (outfits taken at night indoors!)

What do you think of my comfy outfit? What style do you prefer to go out in? Would you prefer style over comfiness or vice versa?

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  1. What a really cute jumper. Wish I could wear that where I live

    Basics are definitely a staple in my wardrobe since sometimes I just have those days when I just want to grab something real quick from my closet and be good to go

    1. I can just imagine you booking holidays for places which are as cold as hell! Just to experience it ahaha especially chances to wear jumpers! Better get some money saving then ;) Holidays are best~!

      Yes! Basics are needed but sometimes they can look basic but get uncomfortable! Hence why I suggested these :D It's like you're always ready to go out when needed and also I can be lazy and sit in them all day before and after lol :) An outfit for lazy people like me haha :)

  2. I prefer comfort over style. but if you could combine the two like you have, its amazing.
    Would you like to follow each other GFC/Bloglovin/G+?

    1. I can't say I'd prefer comfort over style, I try to balance it but I do get obsessed with styles sometimes lol :) and sure, I commented back and following you on GFC/Bloglovin'/G+ :)

    2. Am following you back. Lets keep in touch.

  3. Wow you are so pretty and your shoes are amazing! :) I love them c: Plus, I think that your eyes are prettier than mine lol
    Jenny <3

    1. Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you again! Lol! ^-^! I think your eyes have more glow to them and are like so much prettier though - plus my eyes are getting smaller by the day so they aren't doing so great if they are pretty in the first place! LOL :D


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