Anime week : Knights of Sidonia Review (No Spoilers)


Everyone says "It's better than Attack on Titan!"... Is it really?

Last year spring/summer 2014 an UNDERRATED outer-space survival anime, Knights of Sidonia or well known as "Sidonia no Kishi", which I personally adore this show and believe it is not inferior to Shingeki no Kyojin. Adapted from a manga series written by Tsutomu Nihei, the first season released and concluded in 12 episodes. And for UPDATE: Knights of Sidonia Season 2 was first premiered on the Saturday 23rd November 2014! But it's actual air date is due Spring 2015! The excitement!

Labelled as the "Mole-man", Tanikaze Nagate raised undergrounds on the space ship named 'Sidonia', makes it to the overground where other 'evolutionised' humans resided. His history which supposedly saved him at the beginning also put him into a series of dangerous events soon after, to fight against the human's enemies since thousand years ago : The Gauna, an unknown alien race whom destroyed the whole of the solar system. And so, let the War of Survival... BEGIN!

Story: Rating 10/10

Knights of Sidonia is enveloped in much Sci-fi action and thrills which Shingeki no Kyojin does not provide. And the setting for this anime is, the complete opposite of Shingeki no Kyojin, in the future and i believe this is not surprising! However with this, you will also expect fight scenes with mechas like Gundam but definitely not as cheesy! Due to certain situations and circumstances, Nagate had been pleaded to fight with courage and become the 'Knight of Sidonia'. For all obvious reasons, they have training schools to train students who wish to fight for their home, be it to pilot mechas, at this moment they are called Gardes or to work as a strategist. Nagate is obviously our knight pilot!

In a short 12 episodes, the story develops at a very satisfying pace so you wouldn't feel frustrated watching it. The plot alone is very interesting, it's attractions lies within the smaller details especially when it comes to introducing the type of life they lead in a futuristic period. Followed by overwhelming plots and twists (yet not entirely unpredictable) making the show whole lot more fascinating. This does not just involve a pure encounter with a Gauna, it shows the consequences of encountering a Gauna with not just the number of deaths. If you are not the type to watch shows with blood and somewhat disturbing death occurrences, then i suggest not to watch it!

Characters: 8/10

Many may say the rating is relatively high for this anime's characters in both it's character traits and design. The graphics and art is slightly different to the usual we may see and very basic, but once you get used to it, it is very standard for an anime and acceptable for it to go with a series of such plot. The reason why I gave it a high rating is due to it's graphics for the many character's fight scenes, for the character Hoshijiro Suzuka, and of course, our Nagate. Each fight scene and not necessarily with the happiest results, reflects the individual character's being and importance in the anime very well. Hoshijiro Shizuka is my favourite character and she plays an amazing role in this anime (well... i think she does!). Not because she's a badass pilot but how the plot twist revolves around her! The other characters are not underused and have great potential to show you further awe-aspiring and great scenes. However I cannot guarantee this for the second season. Anything else mentioned would be classed as spoiler.

And here goes our introduction of characters!

From left to right is Shinatose Izana, Hoshijiro Suzuka and then our Knight of Sidonia, Tanikaze Nagate.

Shinatose Izana is Nagate's close friend, She is a new third gender human being meaning, she does not take on a gender due to the evolutionised human traits and can be decided later, but you will see that she is pretty much like a girl and obviously, likes Nagate! She is tomboyish, average in both education and pilot abilities. A best friend character who plays a role in Nagate's life.

Hoshijiro Suzuka. She plays an important female role in Nagate's life and the series. Before the plot twist, her and Nagate are pretty much seen as a couple but nothing especially confirmed due to the lifestyle they lead and plot twist that occurs. She is relatively above average in terms of education and  pilot abilities, since soon after, she is put into the same official team as Nagate.

Our Knight of Sidonia, Tanikaze Nagate, is a normal or rather called, the original human male, who has been trained to become an ace pilot since young. Although he was trained underground via old-dated training systems, it had become apparent that he was the only one able to successfully pilot the 'Tsugumori', the Garde that was once piloted by the a Sidonian hero, also his surrogate father, Hiroki Saitou. He was late into the new education and "evolution-ised" system, hence he is naturally under average in knowledge. However his natural abilities and hard work as a pilot surfaces greatly as he becomes more involved in Gauna battles. His courage and bravery are definitely something he doesn't lack in.

Art 8/10

This anime is solely based on CGI effects, hence the explanation of character simple design but overwhelming mecha details in every action scene. Every single detail of the battle scenes are so cool and overwhelming, I believe it's a winner on graphics.  I deducted 2/10 from full rating because as an otaku, I really am glad they used CGI for this anime, since the heart of this anime is a combination of the setting and effects. However, I am too used to and prefer the non-CGI effects, the pure drawn line art effect.

Music - 7/10

I was going to give this category a no rating, however I did listen to the opening and ending a few times. I did enjoy both opening and ending, the opening is called 'Sidonia' by 'Angela' and the ending is called, 'Tenohira -Show-' by 'Eri Kitamura'. 

The band Angela is a duo pop band. Their music revolves around a combination of electronica, pop and rock. This particular opening song consists of all three genres with a twist of symphonic and ghastly taste in the moments of vocals. And I love symphonic music with ghastly tunes like 'Kyomu Densen' by 'ALI PROJECT' which was the opening for the horror anime, 'Another'.

And if anyone is interested in knowing their voice actors or actresses, our Eri Kitamura is not only a J-rock/Symphonic metal singer but also a well known voice actress. The ending is very enjoyable and typical if you like J-rock, it especially reminds me other well known bands such as 'ViViD' but ViViD's music is not symphonic based, so you may see differences in their songs.

What did you think of the anime yourself? Is it better than Attack on Titan as a similar form of survival anime? Please comment below :)

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