Uzumaki Naruto Drawing!


Uzumaki Naruto : line art on iPad

The Legend of my life so far...

Using a bit of cheat, I imported my completed pencil piece of Naruto into an app called 'ibispaint X' on my iPad. It works almost like photoshop, hence by creating layers I made a sketch of Naruto. By adding colours I managed to get a completely different effect, he popped out a lot more and I'm not sure if I'm bias of something, but the colouring really makes a difference! Even when it's simple line art! I am definitely happy with this picture! 

If you compare the piece I completed below of Naruto in pencil, you'll see the difference to pencil and colouring and especially the difference between when created on paper or on app (although in reality, the paper piece is different when you see it in real!). However, the coloured (cheated) piece on my app throws the word "creativity" at you whilst the paper piece, is more about accuracy and enjoying the improving process during an observational drawing.

Uzumaki Naruto on paper (pencil) : No Filter

Uzumaki Naruto on paper (pencil) : Filter - Process

I have also uploaded this picture on paigeeworld, please visit my anime/manga art account!!

Paigeeworld : totoromon

App used : ibispaint X
Picture : Uzumaki Naruto
Tablet : iPad
Stylus : No, used my finger

Photos captured via iPhone 5!

What do you think of adding colours to your work? What do you think of this line art? 

Happy Drawing!

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