New Theme!


I know it's obvious...

I just think it's obvious that I have gotten a new theme! Although I have like "no followers" via GFC, but there are a few followers which I believe I should share a few things with about my new theme!

I changed it many times from something average to get my blog going with colours like pastel gold and yellow with a kind-of self-made header...

Header picture - Kamigami no asobi
Photo editor - : for resize and overlay or picture and butterflies

to a fancy sophisticated pretty sakura blossoms background, new cheesy header~!

Background picture - Sakura blossoms wallpaper (found on google randomly)

Header picture - photo of blog representation(?) edited into polaroid
Photo editor - for blog title, description and overlays of photo and butterflies
Yes, I know! I really like the butterflies! They are very pretty but putting everything together made my blog look a little complicated and rather messy. I love the background but I found it uncomfortable to read with so much going on... so I changed it to something more simple!

Header picture - tablet hand-drawn picture
App used for drawing - ibispaint X
Photo editor - : for resize, overlay of my own picture, Blog title and description

I made my background a simple white and made a header from scratch! (kind of.. hahaha...) but the focus picture which I drew of myself (so it's not copied!) is a basic representation of myself and current status! Obviously, I am a graduate in a Maths and Finance degree however I am escaping from the reality of being jobless to being an artist (which I have always loved art and drawing), and of course, started Blogging! Just so you know, I maybe escaping from reality but I'm not unambitious.. I am looking for a related job and trying to get my life sorted so my life story is very normal. Nothing dramatic!

So now you can see that my blog is much more simpler, easier to read and slightly more original! I am actually proud of the picture I drew... it's like cute? I drew it pretty fast as well considering usually I'm not good at drawing on my iPad!

Do I like using Yes, I do! It's an amazing picture/photo editor! However, if you want to use a white background like I did remember to save your white header as a .PNG file and NOT a .JPG file. Because.... the header uploaded onto blogger would have an unknown overlay of grey tones over it hence it would appear greyish on your blog!

Also, I personally believe there is nothing wrong with using people's images as long as you give credits, hence also the reason why I changed my header and background. I felt bad using their works without giving credits and you would feel a good sense of achievement when you create your header picture yourself as well! It is a lot of fun!

Maybe I should design my own social media icons too? Not sure~

What do you think of the changes I made? I personally feel the more simple, the better!

Happy Blogging!

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