It's Christmas 2014! : When Christmas is a mess..


Christmas Eve does not feel like Christmas Eve!

It's finally christmas people! And usually, for me, it means exactly five things:

1. Working - I work in a Chinese takeaway for now (not my chosen career!) and I've never missed working on this day every year but it never feels like a christmas eve. In a busy takeaway, it's more like the moment of a complete mess in your life. When the busy period is over and done with, we still managed to work over 12am and completely miss the 'Christmas moment'. Honestly, I am usually too tired to care haha! Anyway, that's done! 

2. Wrapping up presents at 1am - It's a bad idea but working in a chinese takeaway that closes at like 11pm or 12am, honestly it's all the time you have because on previous days and nights you  would just want to take advantage of the time to rest! But it is fun wrapping things altogether with your family!

3. Boxing day shopping - This doesn't even need to be explained! the shops go on an all-out sale and us shopping victims go on an all-out shopping spree! However, I still can't drive so I'm hoping my saviour to drive me shopping with just magically appear for me. Thank you magical person~

4. Stuffing my face into a lot of food - Christmas for my family, relatives and friends also means a huge family gathering! And our speciality revolves around food hence, everyday we stuff food into our faces! Unfortunately this year there is less food, however there is actually still quite a lot to go through! Please look forward to my future posts on my christmas break! During my younger years, there used to be around 5 christmas dinners, one on christmas eve night at 12am, two on christmas day (two different locations), one huge evening dinner on boxing day and one last traditional christmas dinner on the 27th at home with family and guests invited!! But this year we only had three dinners... had one last night already haha.

5. Last but not least : Opening presents! - I may be at the age of 21 and don't really expect presents anymore however I do get presents too! And I thank my lovely friends for these lovely gifts! They are extremely cute and Yes! I do have big plans for my future! Just the notebook I need~ 

And now, I'm typing this post on my phone as I head to my grandmother's for foooooood! Can't wait!

Photos taken via iPhone 5

How has the start of your Christmas gone? Any future plans? Please share your joy of christmas with me!

Happy Christmas and look forward to the New Years! Hope you all get the presents you want! Even if you don't, "Don't hate, enjoy it!"

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