Birmingham Christmas Market - The Day (Part One)


Crowds, Lunch and Shopping at the huts!!

So on the Saturday (29th November 2014) I went to meet up with my good ol' friends at the Birmingham Christmas market! I live pretty far from Birmingham so I had to get up early... it was worth it though~ 

Christmas isn't a major thing to me now because I don't receive presents anymore,  (yes, I am just that old... haha) but I always look forward to the food and handing out presents! 

The first focus of the entire market is how christmassy it is! The decorations over the entire street was beautiful however they were a little big so i had problems taking a few photos in a crowded area haha!

Le Lunch

There was a good variety of food but it is actually a german christmas market, so the lunch of the day had to be their 'Half-metre Hotdog'. It was absolutely filling and scrumptious! Sorry guys, I completely forgot I had to take a photo of my delicious hot dog... the moment I bought it I devoured it! And someone, obviously evil, accidentally wiped some of their mustard on my coat! *crying* And as of today it still has not come off... such a headache!

As for other foods, the hotdog stools also did make other foods such as a chicken burger and such. Other than that, there were also Japanese food stands, Chinese, Kebabs and I also remember there being Some other asian stool! I think it was a Viet or Thai stand... maybe I shouldn't be making things up haha!

Alongside with food there are also a lot of beer and cider stools~ And a few baileys and hot chocolate stands, although I only had a hot chocolate with cream on top... I did have a large hot choco <3 Honestly, it was way too much to drink after a half-metre hotdog! But was totally delicious!

Christmas shopping!

Now that lunch is over, we walked around shopping by the stools (which my friend called huts!), and there was a lot to look at if you exclude the decorations. Many of them were selling basic christmas decorations such as baubles, christmas tree hanging decos, door signs and stands like santas, snowmens and angels. Rather than detailed words I think the photos below will show you how pretty they are! You can never go wrong with a basic sparkly pretty christmas deco as souvenir!

One of the most popular things being sold were christmas candlelight holders and snow globes! They were extremely cute and a definite buy if you love to light some candles for the romantic christmas night!

From here onwards... my phone ran out of battery! That's what you get with an iPhone 5... 

But here are some photos of some of the souvenirs and treats i bought for myself! Some christmas gnome (?) hanging decors and a german christmas mug! There was a choice of a red or blue one, and I felt that the blue one had more of a christmas night feeling to it. The mugs are definitely the best buy of the day! They are extremely pretty and there are many other different designed mugs depending on which stool you go to! Most drink stools have them and mine only cost me £3!

I managed to recharge my phone during early evening so there will be a "Birmingham Christmas Market - The Night (Part Two)" for more food, some more shopping and sights and attractions to see to end my day out!

Look forward to it~!

Photos taken via iPhone 5

[Update: 26/12/2014] Please note: I do not know why this post is in a 'Times new roman' font which is not what my layout and theme is customised to, so if anyone knows please tell me why!! I don't quite understand... Thanks~!

Did any of you visit a christmas market too? How was it? What did you think about my first half a day out in the Birmingham Christmas Market?

Happy Blogging~!

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