Gugure! Kokkuri-san Review


Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, how are you going to change Kohina into a real human?

A new supernatural, comedy and shoujo/shounen anime of the Autumn season of 2014 challenges the mythical spirit, "used-to-be-loved" Kokkuri-san! Adapted from a 4-panel manga written and drawn by Endou Midori. It had been announced before the release that there will only be 12 episodes for the entire season, whilst this review would only be covering the impressions from the first six episodes of the series since it has only released these so far. Half way into the season and I just can't wait for the next one!

Ichimatsu Kohina, our female protagonist, had summoned the bishounen, Kokkuri-san, alone, when summoning him was not actually her intention. Whilst the appearance of Kokkuri-san for Kohina is a nuisance, but for Kokkuri-san who is suppose to haunt her, ends up doting on her instead, and so their everyday life living together in a big house begins!

Story: Rating 10/10

Revolving around Kohina, a little girl obsessed with cup ramen, her doting guardian Kokkuri-san ends up looking after her on a daily basis (without working, I do not know where his money comes from!). The obvious parental love Kokkuri-san has for her is so obvious from the beginning, it makes this show all the more funnier caused by Kohina's reactions. The story so far, implies many more short twists are to come and also hints them as "sad, cute and pure" moments which deepens the relationship between the two. I highly doubt a romantic relationship will develop because she is awfully young and he is supposedly to be awfully old (haha!). The usual slice-of-life daily situations occur for each episode, including the dramatic introductions of new characters, and of course, just makes the show even better. For those who enjoy comedic daily life moments in an anime, this anime will definitely be the one!

Characters: Rating 9/10

Absolutely no hate will occur, all characters are adorable and funny and of course, my favourite will definitely be Kohina and Kokkuri-san. 

First up, is the little adorable Kohina eating her beloved cup ramen! Her family is unknown so far (I believe it is somewhat revealed in the manga), her only close friends would be the new characters who get involved with her, whilst the first one would be the male protagonist, Kokkuri-san. Her reactions and comments to everything in the anime is purely amusing, which also defines her personality, however the story has not developed far enough for further comments!

Next would be my beloved Kokkuri-san (He's a bishounen, so I love him, that's how it works!). He was summoned by Kohina, he is a fox spirit and rather than a guardian, he's more like a house wife or rather, Kohina's mother, doing all the chores, cooking and so on. He is especially hilarious when he shows his love for Kohina and worried for her wellbeing as a growing child, you just can't take your eyes off him!

Music: no rating

The story had me focused all the way and I didn't particularly get great impressions from the openings and endings, hence I have no further comments on them. Even the OSTs just does it's job for a day-to-day life anime since the development and situations is what you would be more interested in.

I only remember seeing parts of the opening and going into a "what?" mode. I was like (◐ o ◑ ) when i saw the scene as captured below.

Art: Rating 8/10

The art and graphics is like any other well-made anime, similar to Kamisama Hajimemashita, I believe for such a casually plotted series, this anime is seemingly more simple whilst Kamisama Hajimemashita is slightly more mature compared to this show. This difference can also be due to different authors and artists as well as because of the age settings for the anime, since Kohina is relatively young. I believe if there were more serious scenes to match a more serious plot, the art would be much more beautiful. Which you would be able to witness through the show, however in these first six episodes, I have only seen two scenes of such! No pictures for no spoilers!

Tell me what your first impressions were on Gugure! Kokkuri-san, or anything I should include to improve on my reviews~ Thanks!

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