How to promote your blog using 'Bloglovin'


To use 'Bloglovin'!

I was wondering how to promote my blog a little more seeing as i currently have no followers, which isn't an uncommon thing! There are just so many blogs out there and it is HARD to get people to follow you!

So I asked April who is a close friend of mine, how she managed to get even a follower! And she gave one advice:

"Try using Bloglovin! You get to promote your blog as well as follow other people's blogs!"

I have only started using it and let's see how it goes! And if I do get followers I believe credits go to
Bloglovin! at .

I personally don't mind not having followers, because at the end of the day I am only writing about my interests and activities (I can't expect anyone to have the exact same interests as me!!). However I would like to know whether my posts are in any way useful or at least I would like to know I'm not the only otaku (otaku = one who treats anime and manga like their saviour!). In fact, I would like to make some friends (yes, I don't have friends! haha! Just joking...), but either way it would be great to talk to many others with same ideas, interests, hobbies or anything! 

Anyway, please visit my friend April's blog "Just So April" at . She is a personal lifestyle/ fashion blogger! 

Happy Blogging!

Ignore the below code! - It is a code needed to claim my blog on bloglovin'!(????)

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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  1. I'm going to follow your blog! I don't really use bloglovin but I see people using it a lot. Not really sure how it works...Since you wrote this post a while ago, how did it work out for you?


  2. Hello Eimear! Thank you for following and I am TOTALLY following you back! Your blog is SO cute! Maybe I should comment on these things on your blog instead haha - watch out for me! I'll be everywhere soon~! Anyway! and using bloglovin' has been very good!

    My followers have been gradually increasing and as of today I have gained 150 followers on bloglovin'! Woohoo! Obviously, to actually improve, I would need to engage myself a little more with my blog, and social medias and many more~! But I've been a little busy trying to get a real job and bits and bobs so I've slowed down a lot recently. If you keep yourself interacting on bloglovin', then you should be gaining more followers at a steady pace.

    Oh and, I absolutely love your blog. It's literally a "cute lifestyle blog".

    Nikki x


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