Christmas presents are falling down, falling down! for Her


So Christmas 2014 is coming up~ and every year I have to buy not just christmas presents but also birthday presents... sigh~ But so far, I have gathered quite a few ideas! Whether from friends or from a stroll out in the High street myself!

Body Shop and Alternatives

I don't think there are that many ladies who dislike bath, soaps, parfum or so on, as of currently Body Shop are doing a major sale! Unless your friends have everything from the Body shop then take a good browse on their online shop or in store... I ended up buying £60 worth of products but altogether I only paid £40!

This actually includes the fact that i bought some of their "not on offer" products which my personal favourite would be their Japanese Cherry Blossom products. It looks pretty and elegant along with a fresh and natural smell enveloped with a hint of sugary sweetness, which doesn't overwhelm your senses. If you are looking for something that is not particularly strong then the Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossoms products are the way to go!

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set £22

On the similar line they do other fragrances too, such as the Atlas Mountain Rose and there is also a new fragrant product, Fijian Water Lotus. I have not tried the Atlas Mountain Rose, however the packaging is just as pretty and is worth the test. The new Fijian Water Lotus, which I have not bought either but tried for ages in store, smells more fresh, crisp and natural compared to the Cherry Blossom one. As the sweetness is not as 'sugary' and is much more elegant in both smell and appearance. I believe for those who prefer a more fresh and less sweet taste, Fijian would be a preferable choice.

As gifts, the Body Shop do gift sets for the Cherry Blossoms and Mountain Rose but unfortunately they do not provide gift sets for the Water Lotus because it is a "new" product.

For an alternative to Body Shop products, I believe the brands 'L'Occitane', 'Molton Brown' and 'Baylis and Harding' are pretty well-known too. However, I have never tried their products other than some L'Occitane, so I cannot give a good review on their stuff. The only thing I can say about L'Occitane is that it is slightly more expensive but still affordable and most of their products smell fresh and energizing.

L'Occitane Almond Discovery Collection from John Lewis £20 exc delivery

I had bought the above gift (picture of L'Occitane gift set) for my friend's birthday before and when it arrived it smelt absolutely amazing and in perfect condition as well, as expected from an official company. My friend said it was very nice and from "sniffing" it plenty of times when I received the product before handing it to her (didn't want to when i got it!), the scent was very natural and delicate yet strong hence it is also not too overwhelming.

I have linked their official home page websites, but you can also get their products elsewhere such as drugstores, supermarkets, Debenhams and John Lewis.

Jewellery boxes/holders

Although I'm writing suggestions for Jewellery boxes, when I looked for one on eBay they were either for children or too ancient for me. But then came along, the recommendation "Trinket Box" and I find that they were beautiful for a small glass jewellery box. Such as the Julianna Trinket boxes, she has many collections including animals, "treasured" collection and so on (Available on eBay). Furthermore, good in size and the price is perfect for it's product.

Juliana Modern Purple Butterfly and Flowers Trinket Box on eBay £10.80 (limited number available!)

There were also Jewellery holders suggested such as a holder that suits the season more like the Christmas tree with birds jewellery holder. Which I believe are also reasonably priced, pretty and perfect for christmas gifts.

Please note I am only suggesting ideas from what I have seen and thought were relatively nice considering the links I have provided alone have positive reviews or feedback, be especially CAREFUL when it comes to private sellers on eBay!

Other Average Ideas:

  • Winter accessories such as gloves and wooly hats, these I believe are better to buy and see in person since for christmas presents, they are reliant on the material. If you buy relatively cheap ones and they are ruined after being washed once then there would only be disappointment (if you were in their shoes!). Of course, I wouldn't complain because I would have received them as a gift.. they were free! I would be more thankful for their thought of getting me a present than what I actually got. 
  • Do not forget the Wooly Socks! Wooly socks are so cute and warm for winter they'd be perfect as well as perfect when becoming a set with the Gloves and Wooly Hats.
  • Chocolate and sweets! - you don't even need an explanation for this! However, if you feel that chocolate alone is not enough because of it's price, go for higher end chocolate such as Hotel au Chocolat or La Maison du Chocolat. Their prices are obviously more expensive but for it's quality as a pure chocolate gift they are simply worth it!
La Maison du chocolat plain truffles approx. 23pcs for £23.80
There are greater weight sizes for the above gift box and also other truffle and collections

Have you guys got any other ideas? Any amazing gift ideas, please share with everyone else and me!!

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