Christmas Gift : "Treasure Chest"


Thinking up a Christmas idea is HARD, right?

After my previous post (>>link<<), I suppose after just buying the present, some people may think it's not enough. Hence I got some little ideas, from charity boxes to make a gift box of presents! Of course, I'm not talking about actually giving your friends and family donations! Haha!

 I love making these little surprises, it's suitable for anyone who either loves buying presents for others or those who can't afford to buy expensive presents! Especially suitable for those where you, yourself,  ask "what would you like for Christmas?" and their answer is always "Don't Know! Surprise Me!" and then you (or it's me) who rage saying "Not a lot of help is it???"

Complete Gift box : Filter - Chrome

First step is to buy your main item! If you don't know what to get then get a bundle of mix! Plenty of Shops do Christmas offers such as 3 for 2 or something similar! In the photo below we can see a bundle mix of body shop items which i bought whilst shopping and offers were like 70% off everything (except for the cherry blossoms eau de toilette 50ml). I bought bundles for four friends (three items each, so for three items it is roughly £10), and the photo only shows some of it.

Other than Body shop items there are other popular items that I believe, people feel is not enough such as mugs, gloves or anything they feel is too little or too small in size rather than price to be given as a gift.

Gift items : Filter - Chrome

Gift items : Filter - Chrome

Then we need the "side dishes" or for gourmets we call them "garnish". Just to decorate it a little, we buy bags of sweet and chocolates which you could easily get packs of mini hariboes and lollipops for £1 or so in supermarkets. I got mine from poundland or 99p stores. Or for slightly more expensive individually wrapped chocolates you could go for Lindt Lindor flavours or Ferrero Rocher, Shops like Wilkinsons is somewhat or at times, cheaper than buying from supermarkets. Lindt Lindor has to be my favourite since they like to bring out the christmassy "White chocolate and cookies creme" flavour. There is also a coconut flavour! Packaging is also christmassy and cute!

Set of sweets to fit in gift box with main gift : Filter - Chrome
Sweets inclue 2 mini pack of Hariboes, 4 lollipops and
3 Lindt Lindor Cookies n' Creme chocolates

And so below, we have our gifts ready to be put into a gift box! Any pretty gift box should do! You could even make one yourself! Unfortunately, I can't really make a usable gift box myself so you'll have to be creative on that suggestion. Say, you did art and fitted together a box using corrugated card, you could decorate using paint, wrapping paper, anything! You could decorate with their favourite decors, pictures or patterns! If you have the time, it'll be relatively enjoyable!!

Gifts and sweets ready for the gift box : Filter - Chrome
Gifts include Body Shop Chocolate Shower gel,
Japanese Cherry Blossoms Eau de toilette
and a mini coconut scrub

Next! We shall ignore the health of this environment for a little bit... I'm very sorry trees! I gathered some A4 coloured and white paper and cut them into strips! We can use this as a protective and decorative (mainly decorative) material for the box and it'll also hold the lollipops and gifts in place a little better.

Trimmed coloured paper strips : Filter - Chrome
A4 Pastel coloured paper include
2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue and 2 pink

Trimmed coloured paper strips : Filter - Chrome

Finally, We put everything into the gift box! However there could be steps to this if you have big flat objects such as a big mug or as carefully seen below, a raspberry body butter. I put the body butter in first, followed by bunching up some trimmed paper strips and put them in surrounding it followed by placing the smaller items ontop. This gives the gift box a happy, colourful sense, similar to a treasure chest, where your  gift items stand out.

Gift item in box with decoration : Filter - Chrome
Gift items include Raspberry body butter,
mini coconut scrub and
Japanese cherry blossoms Eau de toilette

Last but not least, I added our little precious gems into the treasure chest! Hariboes on the side, lollipops held between the papers and balls of chocolate scattered. This completes our treasure chest!

And so our treasure chest includes the Jewelled Crown - main gift item, then the mountain load of coins - the decorative trimmer paper to make the main gift item to stand out, lastly the little surprising gems to be found - sweets and chocolates.

Gift box of gifts and sweets : Filter - Chrome

Photos captured via iPhone5!

What do you think of my little treasure chest? Please share your own ideas too! A little effort and it's MERRY CHRISTMAS~!

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