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Classicals of Nodame Cantabile

A relatively "old" anime where the first season was created in 2007 followed by Nodame Cantabile: Paris-Hen season 2 in 2008 and finally Nodame Cantabile Finale season 3 in 2010. The 'as-per-usual' romantic-comedy, "all about these talented classical musicians" anime with a male and female protagonist.

Both currently studying in a music university, Noda Megumi (Nodame) is an unknown and happy-go-lucky talented pianist, coincidentally living next door to the most popular and multi-talented Chiaki Shinichi, who is pursuing his dreams to become a conductor. 

Story: Rating 8/10

To avoid spoilers yet so typical for a fun rom-com, I can only say that this story develops in the most obvious ways through the bonds of music and love, where Nodame and Chiaki, in my opinion, are so cute that they are TOTALLY made for each other! The story alone contains many genres hence the story never gets boring and of course, there are other rom-com couples during the entire series who are just as funny. 

Relationships do not involve the gossipy love-drama thing going on like "he cheated on her" or, "they need to make the effort for each other" type. It focuses solely on how each couple's music influence each other then leading to love and then the story develops in a very nice tranquil way that the turning points i.e. "bad times" are understandable and can make your heart ache for them (Awww).

If you are an rom-com, slice of life anime fan who listen to absolutely anything including the classical music, then you would enjoy this anime a lot.

Characters: Rating 9/10

Graphics of characters (or rather the entire anime) is a MAJOR thing for me to start watching anime hence the reason why it took me ages to bring myself around to watch it considering it is now 2014?!! 
However, the graphics are GOOD but of course it's not going to beat the more recent ones and especially not the action/thriller ones like Shingeki no Kyojin or Tokyo Ghoul.

Regarding characters' personality and so on, the female protagonist is NOT annoying but in some people's opinions she can be annoying but I just can't hate her. I love her to pieces, she is so straight forward and honest, it just makes her cute! When it comes to the male protagonist, he is also NOT a coward (haha), if he is, i would be very worried... how can someone be a coward when it comes to music?!!? And he is god damn amazing as a musician, but because he's so good, being an emotional person such as myself i cried for Nodame during the "bad times" of the anime.

Music:Rating 10/10

Just so you know, I know nothing about classical music but I loved it all! I learnt a lot too regarding classical music. In fact, it just makes you jealous of these musicians even though i never put any effort into becoming into one!

I never really focus on the anime openings and endings and especially not for this anime, so I have nothing to say about this! Sorry guys~

Tell me what you guys thought of the anime or what you might have wanted to know which I could include in my reviews later~

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